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Eliminate Cheat Meals and Try Open Food Days Instead

I started this concept a few years back when I was really struggling with food cravings and hunger and the biggest culperate of those struggles was my Cheat Meal.  A Cheat...Read More

Why Open Sundays, How Brain Chemistry Effects You

Since my diagnosis with Addison's Disease in 2009 I wanted to get a better understanding of food and food cravings. At that time in my life I was discovering that there were...Read More

Food of the Month - Ostrich

 As many of you know I am allergic to chicken and have been struggling to digest lean ground beef. I honestly believe my bodies rejection of lean ground beef is due to our compromised food sources here in the U.S....Read More

Just in Time for Summer, well I guess its Spring

I know this sounds very early but considering it is 80 degrees here in Southern California I wanted to start posting some Summer, or in some cases Spring, workouts. Sign in as a member and then click on Fitness Specifics...Read More

March Workouts are Locked and Loaded

Your march workouts are ready for yout to hit the ground running.

Don't forget there are bonus workouts in fitness specifics.

The time for success is NOW!!!!

...Read More

After you've lost weight - how do you maintain

Since this is a healthy eating program and not a diet (although its effective at losing weight) you can use it for maintenance purposes after you lose weight.

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Click on Fitness Specifics
Maintenance Guidelines - Just...Read More

It's February of 2014.. So Now What!!!

To ALL of my clients.... Please Read...Important food for thought!!!!
You started your plan with me exactly 1 month ago...and now you already talking about quitting... REALLY????
Ask yourself these simple questions.
1. Did you in fact start the...Read More

The Cybex ARC Trainer and Why I Love It!!!!

Many of you have been asking me for weeks why I am all about the ARC trainer lately. As most of you know I HATE cardio. So what I found with the ARC is that it was so easy to use...Read More

"UNLEASH" the Beast!!! $125 monthly challenge

"Unleash" the Beast
$125 challenge Starts on the 15th of every month
Rules to Participate:
Must be a current Unleashed in 6 weeks,, Unleashed Unlimited, or Pole Position Fitness Client.
Must email between...Read More

This is a MUST HAVE BOOK!!! On Sale Now.

The Foods You Love... Transformed

47% OFF until January 1st at Midnight


These 116 ultra-low carb recipes are guaranteed to give you the...Read More

Gym Closed for Xmas...Here is your at home workout...

Holding Ball Squats - 1 minute
Plank - 1 minute
Plie Squats - 25 Reps
Pushups - 25 Reps
Crunches - 25 Reps
Obliques - 25 Right and 25 Left
Repeat 3 more...Read More

A Successful "Off Season" Super Camp

I am so proud that I had the amazing opportunity to share this last weekend with 2 of my colleagues in the fitness industry that I have grown to respect and love over...Read More

Why is the first program identified as November/December

Because Sharon Unleashed was launched the last weekend of November, which is Thanksgiving week, many people were unable to take advantage of the new programs. Therefor the initial program will be identified as November/December... Starting in January each program will...Read More

The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife is a must read....

There are many benefits to including coconut oil in your diet and your skin care.... Here are a few slides that demonstrate those benefits, but if you really want the 411 on all things Coconut Oil then The Coconut Oil...Read More

Dairy Free Lifestyle Gets Easier and Easier.

...Read More

Sharon's "Unleashed" Program

I am so excited to launch my new Sharon's "Unleashed" Nutrition and Training Program.

What is unique about this program is that it is dynamic and will change every month.

This program includes: Meal Plan, Weight...Read More

Off Season Super Camp

We are gearing up for an incredible Off Season Super Camp with Coach Nathan Harewood and Oxygen Magazine Cover Model Lindsay Messina. December 14th and 15th in Long Beach California. You won't want to miss this event.

...Read More

WBFF Super Camp

I am so pleased to announce that my amazing coach Nathan Harewood is coming to Southern California for a 2 day WBFF Super Camp.... - Aug 3 and 4

You won't want to miss out on this 2...Read More

40th A Birthday Worth Remembering.

WOW what a whilrwind of a weekend I had.......

I am not one for spending an entire month celebrating my birthday but that is exactly what I did, but it was my 40th so it was well worth it....Read More

Montreal Pro/Am Recap

I am so excited to announce that I was able to compete in Montreal a couple of weeks ago with one of the best physiques of my life.

As you may or may not know during the end of...Read More

So this is it the decision has been made

After struggling with my Addison's for the last 5 months I have decided to compete at  The WBFF Montreal Pro Am.... Since the end of last year I have been working with a great new coach Nathan Harewood and for...Read More

Announcement - Competing in 2013

On the heals of a successful weekend in Palm Springs last weekend I have decided to tackle the stage one more time.

As many of you know my health at the...Read More

The Road to Show by way of Palm Springs and RPM

So last weekend I was the host of the Palm Springs Classic bodybuilding competition. As part of that competition I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with one of my favorite fitness photographers RPM at Paul Marcus Photos.

He...Read More

3 months...and we are now on it.

So exactly 3 months ago I embarked on a frightening journey with Nathan Harewood. For the past 8 years , since I started competing, I have been on a constant starch cycling program with no reset. The reason I avoided...Read More

Sharon's January Meals...change February 1st

Mon, Tues, Fri and Sat

Meal 1 - 6 egg whites, 2 cups spinach, 2 TBSP Almond Butter
Meal 2 - 3 Egg Whites, 2 TBSP Hemp Hearts
Meal 3 - Canned Sardines, Canned Green Beans
Meal 4 -...Read More

My Adventures @ The LA Fit Expo

So I wanted to blog about my LA Fit Expo experience.

This has become the place to be if you are a fitness professional or enthusiast; and if you would have told me that 4 years ago I would have...Read More

My up close and personal food - Day 1 of 30

Wake Up 8:00 am

Meal 1 - 8:15 am
1 cup butternut squash
3 Egg Whites

11:00 am - Strong Woman Workout
Tire Flip into Kettle Bell Squat Pushes - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
FROM sit ups...Read More

Closing Out 2012....

I wanted to take the time today to tell everybody how grateful I am for this past year. I started year at one of the lowest points of my life professionally that I had ever been in. I owned a...Read More

Alone or Alone....

I know we often think that if we are not in a relationship we are alone. I am not alone although I often feel lonely. Sometimes it is not worth trials and tribulations of dating to find that right person....Read More

Dating after 3 Years

So its been a while since I reached out with a personal blog. I am really great at talking about fitness and goals and clients and even my family but when it comes to my personal life it is just...Read More

Closing Out 2012

As 2012 comes to an end, I am forced to have to make some very difficult decisions. For years I have loved competing. I loved it so much that I neglected many aspects of my life and became completely imbalanced....Read More

OK so right now I am all about Miracle Noodles/Fighters Diet Noodles - New Recipe

Fighters Diet Noodle Pancakes.


2 egg whites

1/2 cup whole almond flour

3 cups Fighters Diet noodles chopped finely (washed drained microwaved 20 minutes then dried thoroughly)

3/4 cup diced scallions

1...Read More


Recent Feedback

Based on recent feedback I received from one of my clients of the following changes will be made. I will be adding content to Fitness Specifics and at least one photo gallery on Fridays and Sundays. In addition monthly...Read More


So today is the day that I begin my new journey.

I have really achieved everything I have set out to achieve this year which is absolutely incredible.

With that said there are some things I would like...Read More

Home from the 2012 WBFF World Championships

All I can say is WOW!!!
I am finally home from a whirlwind week in Toronto and I am not sure where to start. So when in doubt give you the play by play....

My travel day started last...Read More

Posing Nude with Richard Northwood

On Sunday after the WBFF World Championships I had the honor of posing with one of the greates nude photographers in Canada for his upcoming gallery exhibit "Voyeur Clowns"

This was an amazing...Read More

Functional Fridays - New Training Program for the Week

10 min Warmup - your choice

2 sets of walking lunges - no weights
2 min - high intensity cardio - your choice
2 sets of monster walks - no weights
2 min - high intensity cardio - your...Read More

8 days until the WBFF World Championships

This is it....I am 8 days until the world championships and I am putting on the finishing touches. Today I am just going to hit you with my schedule and why I did those things.

9:30 to 10:30 am...Read More

Taste of the Valley

Here is a taste of what I look like in the off season. Stay sexy and strong year round. Focus on the obtainable body NOT the competition body. Your journey can be about health and wellness and NOT the plastic...Read More

17 days until the WBFF World Championships

This is the second day I woke up feeling like I am going to miss this show. I am not somebody that can just sit back and let things happen so I have decided to change it all up. My...Read More

WBFF Feature about me From October of 2011 - Kind of Cool Stuff!!!

WBFF Pro Sharon Polsky is an inspiration to ALL!

Be the first to comment!

Staying true to my mission of bringing exceptional...Read More


Sadness and Grief can be debilitating for some even a super woman like me!!!

It is crazy how life changes in the blink of an eye....

This past Sunday I was hard at work training clients and went home to eat a nice steak and green bean dinner (food is limited with the...Read More

18 days until the WBFF World Championships

18 days until worlds and I am actually a little worried for the first time. My body is very stubborn right now. My diet was altered on Sunday and my body is very slow to respond which is not normal....I...Read More

19 days until The WBFF World Champiosnhips

Let the fine tunning begin. We are just under 3 weeks. I am going to step away from the heavy lifting and muscle building phase of my prep; and now the focus is on burning fat, maintaining muscle and dialing...Read More

20 Days Until the WBFF World Championships

This is a cardio only day.
45 minutes of spinning on the spin bike and a 45 minute walk up the hills. Enjoying the outside makes training and prep so much better.

This was also the day I had...Read More

21 Days Until the WBFF World Championships

This is it getting so close I can taste it. I have to keep my focus and I love it when I can stay very very focused on the end goal that is in site...

This was a...Read More

22 Days until The WBFF World Championships

This was a great day for me. I was able to sleep in which was much needed....

Upper Body Smackdown
We are now dubbling up some cardio. Just for a couple of days. This will help me coast...Read More

23 days until the WBFF World Championhsips

The WBFF World Championships are sneaking up on us....and they ae so close I can taste them. I am really stepping up my program. I will be in the best shape of my life for this one.

Workouts:...Read More


24 Days Until the WBFF World Championships

So today was one of the hardest days in my entire prep. My trainer Mike Rashid called me yesterday asking "What time do you have to be at work on Weds"...I said 11:30 thinking he needed a ride to work...Read More

25 Days until the WBFF World Championships

so this is it I am taking it to the next level. This is my opportunity to show the world what I am made of. It takes strength and determination to make it through long 13 hour work days hungry...Read More

26 Days Until the WBFF World Championships

All in All this has been a great day.... :)
My food is in line, my workouts are definitely in line and my abs are hitting their stride.

Today was a monster Leg Day.
50 m prowler push -...Read More

27 days until the WBFF World Championships.

Getting excited. Costumes are finished and I just getting through som finishing touches.

My diet changed this weekend. Still on metabolic confusion but eliminated all processed foods. Now my entire day will come from natural foods. For instance no...Read More

4 Weeks Until the WBFF World Championships

Starting today I will be blogging about everything from my prep (diet and workouts) to my emotions; in preparation for the WBFF World Championships. Worlds are 4 weeks away and I can't wait. I have never been more ready for...Read More

Confessions of a WBFF Pro - 7 weeks until World Championpionships

So I am 7 weeks out from the 2012 WBFF World Championships and I always like...Read More


Living with Addison's

I wanted to spend some time blogging today because I woke up with really low energy...Read More


My New Favorite Blog by Rob Riches (Pre-Workout Boost)

Pre-Workout Boost

by Rob Riches - WBFF Fitness Model World Champion